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Halal Travel and Kosher Food

Halal Travel and Kosher Food A Guide for Muslims As-Salaam Alaikum Halal Nomads, in a world that often overlooks the diversity of dietary needs, Muslims find themselves on a quest to navigate the complexities of securing Halal food. As followers of Islamic dietary laws, Halal Nomads encounter a continuous struggle to strike a delicate balance…

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Halal Town

Halal Town There are places outside the Islamic world where Muslims have come together to create communities. I call these places Halal towns. As a Halal traveller, it might be advisable to know where they are as they will provide you with the essentials you are used to from back home, such as places of…

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The Etiquettes of Travelling Halal

The Etiquettes of Travelling Halal A Guide for Muslims The current narrative around Muslim travel is overly centred on showing Muslims how to take care of their physical needs (eating, packing, lodging, dressing, shopping) while travelling. Obviously, this is extremely useful information as it makes travel more accessible and comfortable for Muslim travellers. But I…

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Travelling in Muslim Countries

Travelling in Muslim Countries A Guide for Non-Muslims It is always good practice to familiarise yourself with the local customs before visiting a part of the world that is new to you or is wrapped up with stereotypes. This also holds when visiting a Muslim country. It can be easy to be caught up in…

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Why You Should Travel

Why You Should Travel A Guide For Muslims It is disheartening that, as a community, we Muslims are comparatively less willing to travel. This is a shame as in Islam; we are encouraged in so many ways to explore this incredible part of the universe we all call home. Before you stop reading because you…

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Women Travelling in Muslim Countries

Women Travelling in Muslim Countries A Guide for Non-Muslims It can be easy to be caught up in the narrative that has been displayed in the western world about the Muslim countries and especially the place of women in these societies. The media often paints an ugly, hateful and radical picture of Muslim countries. But…

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