Halal Town

There are places outside the Islamic world where Muslims have come together to create communities. I call these places Halal towns. As a Halal traveller, it might be advisable to know where they are as they will provide you with the essentials you are used to from back home, such as places of worship or a sense of community. Furthermore, they are often the epicentre of the local Islamic communities from all over the world.

What makes these places especially noteworthy is that they reflect the historical and recent migration of Muslims from all over the world to that specific location. This makes Halal towns in France very different from the ones found in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands


Kanaalstraat, Utrecht

Due to the market-like atmosphere with shops of many ethnic backgrounds, the Kanaalstraat has gained great, even international fame. The shopping street attracts visitors from all over the region because of its extensive and specialized offers. Due to the street’s fame and its central location in the district, Kanaalstraat is sometimes synonymous with Lombok.


Kruisstraat, Eindhoven

The Kruisstraat and the Woenselse Markt are undoubtedly the most multicultural part of Eindhoven. This melting pot is always buzzing with the comings and going of all kinds of people. Here you will find, for example, a Turkish greengrocer, a Surinamese Rotishop, an Italian sandwich shop, an Asian supermarket, but also the Woenselse bakery and various supermarkets. You will also find the necessary excellent restaurants here, with cuisines from all over the world.