Lake Como

As-Salaam Aleikum Halal travellers, located in the Northern lakes district of Italy it is considered the crowning jewel of the region: Lago di Como (Italian) or simply, Lake Como. For centuries the lake has attracted wealthy and powerful individuals, from famous celebrities to successful businessmen and women from around the globe. However, you do not have to be a sheikh to enjoy your time in this breathtaking corner of the world.

Lake Como will leave you dazzled with its lush greenery, exquisite and colourful architecture, and expansive waterfronts that keep you wanting and at peace at the same time. Even though the lake size might seem daunting this does not mean that it cannot be adequately explored within a 3 to 4 days. Allowing you enough time to see the highlights and leaving you wanting more, providing you with a good excuse to visit again.

Due to being located close to Switzerland and surrounded by mountains, the climate is extremely comfortable. On average the highest temperature in summer will be around 27 degrees Celsius and the lowest in winter around 4 degrees Celsius. The best time to travel to Lake Como is in the window between late April and the end of August. It will allow you to avoid the burning heat faced by most Italian cities in the same time window.

Where to Stay

Because of the size of Lake Como, it can be very daunting in deciding where to stay. In my opinion, the decision is depending on the length of your stay. If you are going the be staying for less than three days, I would recommend finding accommodation in the village of Bellagio. This is an ideal and central location allowing you to make the most of your limited time. Staying longer than 3 days, the town, Como, is where you will find many shops, restaurants, and a great local vibe, although it is a little away from here where you will have the best experiences of the lake, still everything is only a bus or ferry ride away from the main town and nearby attractions.

How to Get Around

Although the lake is huge and the villages to explore are plentiful, getting around is made extremely easy thanks to an extensive ferry service (fast & slow services) and public buses.

If you are staying in Como and wish to explore some of the small lakeside villages and towns, then head down to the ferry pier and take one of the public ferries to where you want to go. I would highly recommend paying a little extra for the fast service one way (if travelling to the most popular town of the region – Bellagio) and taking the slow ferry the other way to get a glimpse of the many towns along the lake as you stop in at each one. The fast ferry service takes approximately 45-60 minutes whilst the slow ferry will take around 2 hours.

What to Do

On the top of your list of this to do and to see when visiting Lake Como should be renting a board and sailing across the lake and visiting all the prominent locations if not all but most can be easily admired from the lake.


The city of Como is at the base of the lake and the heart of the region. It is here where you will find the best atmosphere, ample eateries serving classic Italian meals, shops, boutiques, and a network of ferries heading upstream to explore the smaller villages and lakeside towns.


The place is also known as “The Pearl of Lake” is by far the most picturesque town on the lake and certainly, the most visited. Bellagio is famous for its medieval houses with beautiful natural scenery. Located at the fork of the “Y” shape of the lake and within a short distance of many of Lake Como’s other popular sites and attractions.


Located on the east bank of Lake Como the village has a colourful charm. From the sweet Pastel colour of the houses. Varenna’s most attractive features are small walkways along the lake. The most notable among them is the Walk of Lovers. Very little beats walking along this path together with the person you love and enjoying the romantic beauty all around you.


In contrast to Varenna and Bellagio, Menaggio is a bit more peaceful and serene. If you want to feel the life of the residents around Lake Como, a cup of coffee or a few scopes of ice cream in Menaggio will be the most ideal way.

Where to Eat


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Pizzeria Lugano

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