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Halal Travel and Kosher Food

Halal Travel and Kosher Food A Guide for Muslims As-Salaam Alaikum Halal Nomads, in a world that often overlooks the diversity of dietary needs, Muslims find themselves on a quest to navigate the complexities of securing Halal food. As followers…

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Halal Town

Halal Town There are places outside the Islamic world where Muslims have come together to create communities. I call these places Halal towns. As a Halal traveller, it might be advisable to know where they are as they will provide…

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The Etiquettes of Travelling Halal

The Etiquettes of Travelling Halal A Guide for Muslims The current narrative around Muslim travel is overly centred on showing Muslims how to take care of their physical needs (eating, packing, lodging, dressing, shopping) while travelling. Obviously, this is extremely…